VLM Training Week 5

This week’s training got off to a slow start as I needed time to recovery from Helsby so Monday was a write off. Tuesday I was still feeling it but an easy slow 4.5miles on the Treadmill seem to loosen me up again for the week. This week I decided I needed to get out on the road more instead of doing most of my weekday miles on the treadmill. The only way for me to fit this in is to run to or from work which is around 6 miles. Plenty of options to add in loops to make this longer each week and it works out better for me as the traffic in Warrington seems to be getting worse, last week it took me over an hour to get in so it’s actually quicker to run it!! So Wednesday I ran home, 6.2miles at again a slow pace 8:50 min/mile. Running home also frees up my lunch break so I managed 1000metres in the pool working on technique. Thursday saw the return of the bike cycling to work… first time on it since November can you believe. Back in the gym on my lunch, 4 miles feeling good with an ave pace 7:23 min/mile. Friday was a rest day in preparation for the big one on Saturday, 15 miles awaited on a frosty morning at -1C. This was my longest run to date and like my training program said I took it slow at 9 min/mile pace so felt ok until mile 10 and my head told my body there was still 5 miles to go. I took this opportunity to try gels; I’ve used them on the bike before but had stomach trouble using them during a Triathlon. This time I had no problems and it was either the gel or the thought of a sausage butty that helped me get through the last 5 miles and home.  

Week 5 – Total 29.53 miles

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