30th Shell four villages half marathon

me running the helsby halfHelsby’s 30th anniversary of this race took place on 23rd January and was a great event to start the year off. I did this one last year as my first ever half so was keen to see what improvements I’d made over the 12 months. This is a very well organised event providing an excellent park and ride service with no hanging around and baggage storage was quick and safe. The start point of the race was different than last year due to last minute changes and it was a bit narrow and crowed until you got out onto the open road but that’s more due to the popularity of the race with over 1600 runners. The route itself is scenic through the Cheshire countryside and is a little undulating but not as bad as I remembered first time around with the last 2 miles downhill for a sprint finish!! Very well marshalled and great support dotted around the course. Great goody bag at the end with a high quality cased medal and this year a commemorative “buff” was a nice touch. I was impressed with the timing chip too as it was on the back of your number and you wouldn’t even know it was there. Plus, sat on the coach back to my car I got a text message with my gun time 1:43:02 and chip time 1:41:57 taking off over 15 minutes on last years’ time. Overall I would recommend it to anyone and this is on my calendar every year.

Many thanks to www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk for a great day.

Garmin Stats:

13.11miles 1:41:54 Avg pace 7:46 Avg HR 166bpm max HR 174bpm Total ascent 1093ft

Picture:  Mick Hall Photos

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