VLM Training Week 6

Great week of training this week, what started off quite daunting on paper turned out to be my best full week of training so far. Week 6 introduced hill training, my longest weekday run plus my longest run ever. I feel I’ve made a huge step forward, not only is the mileage counter on the rise but I’m also starting to organise my training to fit in with the demands of being a relatively new Dad. This has meant plenty of early morning’s buts it’s got me out on the roads instead of trying to cram in the miles on the treadmill during my lunch hour. I’ve also been up to my old tricks again too, Run to work, Swim at lunch and Cycle home! Definitely a lot of positives to take from the week and with only 10 weeks until the Virgin London Marathon, it’s given me the boost I needed.


Week 6 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: 4.83M – 1M jog 5x500metres uphill 0.88M jog. 42:27 pace 8:47 avg HR 149bpm/500Meter Swim Weds: 8.94M – 1:19:42 pace 8:55 avg HR 151bpm/CYCLE home from Work/700Meters SWIM Thur: 6.76M – 1.19m jog, 3.82M in 30mins, 1.75M jog Avg HR 151bpm/CYCLE to Work Fri: REST DAY Sat: 17.56M – 2:34:37 pace 8:48 avg HR 150bpm Sun: REST DAY

Week 6 – Total 38.09 miles

running with baby

Could be an option..?

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