2011 Targets

I’ve read recently that when you commit publicly to something, the more likely you are to do it. Since October I have been setting myself targets that I would like to achieve in 2011. I’m going to stick my head on the line and share them with you. I’m looking to get the best out of myself this year and really push on in my performances so I’ve set what I consider to be some pretty high targets.

2011target arrow

Swim: 500M – 8:00    1500M – 26:00

Bike: To achieve Bronze Standard with North Cheshire Clarion.

Kilton 8.75mile TT – 23:00   10mile TT – 26:50   25mile TT – 1:10:00

Run: 5K – sub 20:00   5M – 33:30   10K – 42:30   Half – 1:37:00   Full – 3:30:00

You’ll notice the distances are short on the bike and swim concentrating on Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons again this year with the main goal of getting a decent time in the Liverpool Olympic in June. So that’s it, the gauntlet in down now let’s get training!

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