VLM Training Week 7

What a difference a week makes, after last week’s success I was looking forward to pushing on and was ready to enter into a 40 mile week. It couldn’t have started any worse as it coincided with the wife and I trying a new method to get baby Isabella to sleep through the night. With anything new it takes time and patients so it’s no wonder Sunday and Monday night were possibly the worst ever making Tuesdays early morning hill training a write off. The hour extra in bed was just too hard to resist. I paid the price though as I had to do incline intervals on the treadmill at lunch with didn’t agree with my left knee and brought back my tight calf problems.

20 mile markerWednesday and after a slightly better night sleep I was up and out before 7am meeting up with my good mate Matty Weedon for a loop on my run into work. He hadn’t run for a while so I was glad of the slower pace with my legs not feeling the best. By Thursday’s run home from work I was feeling much better and any niggles I was feeling at the beginning of the week had all gone by the time Saturday’s big run came around. Leaving your front door knowing 20miles of running is ahead of you is not easy to get motivated for. I could feel myself taking extra time getting ready and I had to have a word with myself just to get me out the door. Sat here now I’m so glad I got out and stuck to it and got my first 20 mile run in. Taking notes from my last post I’d been telling people all week I had to do 20 miles so I could back out. Apart from a bit a chafing in a delicate area it went well and now I have more of an understanding when people talk about “the wall” at 20 miles.

Sunday called for celebration, we had Isabella christened followed by a few drinks and then a few more. We also celebrated the biggest success of the week, forget 20 miles, Isabella slept through the night 7pm till 7am… result!

Week 7 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: 5M – 1km jog 500m inline 4@12.5kmh then 10kmh jog X6 1mile jog. Avg HR 149 Weds: 10M – Slow 9:00 pace 1:30:07 avg HR 148bpm Thur: 6.68M – 8:00 pace 53:29 avg HR 153bpm Fri: REST DAY Sat: 20M – 2:59:01 pace 8:57 avg HR 142bpm Sun: REST DAY

Week 7 – Total 41.68 miles

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