VLM Training Week 8

No runningNot a lot to report this week on the training front, I’ve been plagued with injuries, illness and sleepless nights. To be completely honest neither one was severe enough to stop me from training but this week I’ve experienced something new to me, I guess you could call it mental approach.

Week 8 means I’m half way through my London Marathon training and although I’m really pleased with my progress, all of a sudden I started  to have worries and negative thoughts, what if I’m injured come race day? And questioning my training schedule – am I over doing it? This all started on Tuesday after I did my Interval session and felt a slight ankle injury, normally this wouldn’t bother me too much and I’d just keep an eye on it on the next run. This week though I got chatting to an old friend of mine who is also doing London. This guy is an athlete – representing GB in Duathlon last year. He told me how stupid he’d been by overtraining and had gotten himself injured. This played on my mind all week as if this guy, a machine could get injured then surely I was at even more risk. I’m not usually one for negative thinking and can generally turn anything around into a positive but I really let this affect me and as a result week 8 has been a right off. It’s given me time to think and get my head back on the game, after talking to some good friends and family the general consensus was a week off would probably do me some good, and they were right. Any little niggles I was feeling have gone, I’ve got my head straight after having a word with myself and I’m ready for the next 8 weeks of training.

Week 8 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: 4M – 1km then 15 x 200m @16kmh with 100m @ 8kmh recovery. 1km jog Weds: REST DAY Thur: REST DAY Fri: REST DAY Sat: REST DAY Sun: REST DAY

Week 8 – Total 4 miles

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