VLM Training Week 9

I started off this week a lot more positive and focused. My plans were to do less miles but to put in a couple of key sessions and leave myself a few rest days before the Great North West Half Marathon on the Sunday. It all started off going to plan with a decent interval session on Tuesday.  It soon changed when setting out on Wednesday morning for my run to work the slight ankle injury I felt last week had returned with some vengeance! As soon as I was at my desk the ice was on it and if I had any chance of running the half I’d have to rest up for the week.

foot injury

My dead man's foot - ligament damage Jan 2009

I had a decision to make, run the Half or not. My wife is very supportive and wants to see me cross that finish line in London so had concerns when I made my decision to run. I don’t think I decided how to run the race until I crossed the start line and then with the ankle well strapped up and feeling ok I just went for it on a very windy day along Blackpool promenade coming home with a personal best of 1:41:25. The question is… at what price? Waking up this morning and it’s not feeling great so we’ll have to wait and see how week 10 pans out.

What’s that saying us blokes don’t like to admit, the wife is always right?!

Week 9 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: 4.50M – INTERVALS – 4:30min@13.5Kmh with 1min@10kmh X5 5min Avg HR 149bpm Weds: 7.46M – 1:03:31 avg pace 8:30 avg HR 154bpm Thur: REST DAY Fri: REST DAY Sat: REST DAY Sun: 13.11 1:41:25 PB avg pace 7:44 avg HR 167bpm

Week 9 – Total 25.06 miles

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