Great North West Half Marathon

me running the Blackpool halfTravelling to Blackpool I was beginning to regret my decision to run. The rain was battering down which made driving conditions horrendous especially on the motorway. Lucky for me I wasn’t driving as my mate Ste Andrews had picked me up. I don’t think either of us where up for it but a few reminiscent tunes later and with the rain easing, we soon picked up. By the time we arrived the rain had stopped but one thing you noticed and soon as you stepped out of the car was the wind. My face dropped, it brought back memories of a cycle ride Manchester to Blackpool I did in 08 were the last 10 miles into a head wind took every ounce of energy just to keep moving forward.

Things didn’t improve and just before we got to registration Ste remembered he’d left his number in his wallet which was with his missus who had set off for a walk up the promenade. It turned out a decent warm up as we chased after her. Registration wasn’t well sign posted and by the time we made it in there the gun had gone off! We had missed the start. We dumped our bags and attached our timing chips and ran down to the start line with no other runner in sight. With no time to spare we continued across the start line and the catch up began. It took me almost to the 1 mile marker to start overtaking people looking down at my Garmin I’d done a 7:08 minute mile and didn’t slow down until the course turned into to wind at mile 3. It hit you like a double decker bus and I had to fight to stay under 8 minute miles until mile 8.

Running alongside the sea was nice and the sun even came out but there was a lot of daja vu going on as the course was quite tedious passing one point 4 times! I was on for my target time of 1hour 40mins at mile 10 until we turned back into the head wind for the last 3 miles. It finally cracked me at the start of mile 12 when I attempted to put it in for last mile but my legs said no. I crossed the line with the Gun time clock at 1:46:09 after overtaking 716 out of 1143+ people and a chip time of 1:41:25 for a personal best. Unfortunately at the finish line you only received a cheap medal and a small bottle of water making the £22 entry fee rather expensive. On the whole I will put this down as a good experience but I don’t think it’ll be one I will look out for next year.

Garmin Stats:

13.11miles 1:41:25 Avg pace 7:44 Avg HR 167bpm max HR 176bpm Total ascent 874ft

Picture:  Mick Hall Photos

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