North Cheshire Clarion Biggest Loser

Biggest-Loser logoFor the last 8 weeks my Cycling club have been running their very own Biggest Loser. As this coincided with the start of my London marathon training I joined in thinking I might have a shot at winning plus with all the running it doesn’t leave much time for the Bike so it was I chance to keep in touch with some of the guys. Rules where simple and weight loss was measured on percentage so as one of the lightest taking part at 12st 2lbs for every pound I loss was 0.6% opposed to most of the guys only losing 0.5%.

I thought my biggest competition would come from Gary Wood who was the lightest member to take part. Gary is also a work colleague and knew he would be tough competition as we have taken part in weight loss challenges through work before.

I was a little disappointed to only see 7 members taking part, there is talk of running another in the summer so I guess after the success of this one there will be a few more signing up for that. Week one confirmed that it was 7 highly motivated and determined members as the overall loss for the week was 31lbs! This was going to be harder than I though.

Half way through I was going well and on target of my 1lb a week loss. I knew at this point I had no chance of winning as there was some serious weight loss going on. By the final week a grand total of 72lbs was lost and the deserved winner was Geoff “The Chairman” Prince with a 6.3% loss and a close second Ade H at 6.0%. As for myself I was a little lower down the order but still managed to loss half a stone or 4.2%.

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to recording and analysing data so I also took this weight loss challenge as a chance to see how running and training for a Marathon changes your body shape by taking down measurements. The results are noticeably different especially around my belly losing just over an inch and from my chest 1 and a half inches. Quite a big change in just 8 weeks and I’m interested to see how this develops as my training continues throughout the year.

Biggest-Loser results table

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