VLM Training Week 10

I feared the worst on Monday morning when I woke up and could feel a sharp pain every time I put weight on my right foot, could this be game over? Straight on with the ice I started to investigate where the pain was coming from. I’ve been referring this injury as my ankle but the pain was coming from just above the Medial Malleolus (inner ankle bone). With the help of Google I was soon onto a possible diagnostic, Posterior Shin Splints. I always thought shin splints where on your…well…shin but it turns out there are two types, anterior shin splints and the less common posterior shin splints. The only way to know for sure of the damage is a M.R.I scan which I will consider in week 11 depending on improvement.

affected-shin-splint-areaShin splints are typically an over-use injury but that’s hard to take when you think you’re doing everything right. Other causes like constantly running on hard surfaces is something I need to change but after more investigation I think I’ve found the route of my problem, tired or inflexible calf muscles. I’ve always had calf problems when running and haven’t been stretching them enough and they have put too much stress on the tendons which have become strained or torn.

Running the Half last Sunday obviously didn’t help and it took till Thursday for the pain to relieve and for me to get some confidence back that I might be able to recover. A week of no running and it’s feeling much better but I’m certainly not rushing back so it could be another week of no running and plenty of stretching!!

Slow Cycling sign

Caution, Slow Cyclist about...

In the meantime I’m back on the bike and in the pool to try and maintain fitness. I even managed to get out for my first long ride of 2011, well more like I was kicked out of the house as it was being used to host my sisters baby shower but with the in-laws having Isabella for a few hours I didn’t complain and took full advantage.

Week 10 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: REST DAY Weds: REST DAY Thur: REST DAY Fri: SWIM 30mins Sat: REST DAY Sun: CYCLE – 39.43M avg spd 14.6 Avg HR 135bpm Total accent 1624ft

Week 10 – Total 0 miles

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