VLM Training Week 11

Another week of no running has turned out to be the correct decision as I now feel the injury is manageable and on the mend. It still can’t pick up my training where I left off and put in the weekly mileage I would like but it means with patience and picking out key training sessions I can run the London Marathon.

countdown_5With only 5 weeks to go I’m confident I can run it under 4 hours at my current fitness level, it’s just a question of how much I can train over these weeks to improve on that time. I would really like to do a sub 3:45 but I think with this injury reality has kicked in and just finishing 26.2 miles is a great achievement in itself and I want to enjoy it, if you can enjoy pain and suffering?

So this week I’ve been on the bike again with a couple of rides to work. I also got chance to get out for a long ride on Sunday with my mate Gary. We decided to head north for a change and entered a route from the North Cheshire Clarion into the Garmin. It wasn’t the best morning with the rain coming down and as we set off the wind was against us. It’s soon brightened up but the ride didn’t get any easier. The course was very undulating and my legs were not used to it. At 25 miles we stopped at Rufford marina to reenergise with a wedge of caramel shortbread. I was feeling guilty about having it until we hit Parbold hill where it was instantly burnt off while hitting my maximum heart rate of 182bpm. If that wasn’t enough we then hit roby mill, I took one look at it and jumped off the bike. We still had 18miles to home and I was already suffering so a wise decision. Longest ride I’ve done for some time that and I certainly felt it but luckily when I get home Isabella was due a sleep so we had a cuddle on the sofa and a power nap.

Week 11 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY Tues: 11.44M avg spd 16.0mph Avg HR 139bpm Weds: REST DAY Thur: CYCLE – 11.41M avg spd 14.9mph (Windy)  Avg HR 135bpm Also GYM Fri: REST DAY Sat: REST DAY Sun: CYCLE – 49.20M avg spd 14.5mph Avg HR 140bpm Total Ascent 2321ft

Week 11 – Total 72.05 Cycling miles

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