VLM Training Week 12

Liverpool_Half_Marathon logoA big decision to make after week 12, after testing the injury with light running and still not 100% the Liverpool Half is this Sunday and not sure if it’s a good thing to run it or not. On one hand I need the mileage to see how the injury really is, on the other I don’t want to make it worse and ruin everything.

At the minute my thoughts are to run as I definitely need to get out for a long slow run and see Liverpool as a great chance to experience running with a big field, this year a record 7500 people have entered! If I do run I certainly won’t be going for a PB and would use it as a training run at training pace. If the worse happens then I have 3 weeks to recover before the London Marathon. I’m also booked in for an ultrasound the next day (no I’m not having a baby despite the belly) to check the ligaments and tendons around the ankle.

So it’s been more cycling again which I’m really getting back into and can’t wait for the TT season to start, despite my moan last week about North Cheshire Clarions Standards I can’t wait to put the effort in and look to get some good times over the summer.

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Week 12 Stats:

Mon: 3M – Test run. 3x 0.8M run, 0.2M walk Tues: CYCLE –11.44M avg spd 16.0 Avg HR 139bpm Weds: REST DAY Thur: CYCLE – Approx. 12M Turbo Sufferfest Intervals Avg HR 135bpm Fri: REST DAY Sat: REST DAY Sun: CYCLE – 43.32M avg spd 15.0 Avg HR 134bpm

Week 12 – Total 3 miles running / 66.76 miles cycling

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