What’s wrong with me…?

I’ve had to put my sensible head on and talk myself out of running Liverpool Half this Sunday. Totally gutted and was really looking forward to this one. With only 3 week to go till London Marathon I have to look at the bigger picture and London is my main priority so Liverpool has to be sacrificed.

Philips MRI scannerThe great news is that the M.R.I (Magnetic resonance imaging) results came back a lot better than expected. Basically there is nothing showing up to be of any concern. No fluid around the tendons suggesting any damage, and no stress fracture. Those were my two main concerns. It still leaves the question open “what is wrong with me” so on to the Physiotherapist to assess me or maybe it should be the psychologist/therapist if it’s just all in my head!!

London Marathon is 100% on though and although training won’t be as planned I’ll make sure I’m ready come race day and give it my all for Help for Heroes, please help me raise some money and donate by following the below link, thanks for your support.


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