VLM Training Week 13

Game on. It’s been a week of good news this week, MRI scan results came back much better than expected and Physio has gone great too, saying I have good legs! Why thank you! Tight calf’s which could have been causing my injury have been ironed out and I should be ready to go in a couple of days.

ahead only road sign3 weeks to go until the London Marathon, I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be at this point but I’m feeling surprisingly confident. High hopes of a 3:30 time is out of the window but with this being my first Marathon and having booked my place into Liverpool Marathon in October then I’m just going to get out there and enjoy it, soak up the atmosphere and get round in one piece.

At 3 weeks to go this time should be spent tapering, basically cutting down the amount of miles and shortening your long run so that your muscles can recover from all the hard training before the big day. It’s not quite worked out that way for me with 4 weeks of hardly any running and 6 weeks since I did my 20 mile run I need to think seriously about how I train over the next 2 weeks. I think this weekend is my last chance to get in a long run, 15 miles at least anything over is a bonus.

Yesterday was the Liverpool half so a special mention to my Triathlon buddy Liam Bennett for running an excellent first half marathon time of 1:41:32. Just when I thought I was getting away from him he has an annoying way of pulling it out the bag. I took my mind off missing it with a 10 mile TT straight into a steady 10K run, it seemed to do the trick until I got a text from Bennett saying “never gona beat me Grandad” and “bring it on old man” – oh it’s on now Bennett, it’s on!!

Week 13 Stats:

Mon: 4.45M – Park Run 36:00 avg pace 8:05 avg HR 156bpm Tues: REST DAY Weds: REST DAY Thur: REST DAY Fri: REST DAY Sat: REST DAY Sun: CYCLE – 10.00M avg spd 19.4 Avg HR 162bpm RUN 6.2M – 49:33 avg pace 7:59 avg HR 163bpm

Week 13 – Total 10.65 miles

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