VLM Training Week 14

My name on H4H running vestLess than two weeks to go now and its becoming a reality that I actually have to run 26.2 miles! I’m excited but extremely anxious as I’ve only ever seen the London Marathon on TV and only used to running with fields up to 2000 runners. I think I’m going to get a real buzz from the crowd and even printed my name on my Help for Heroes running vest this week as I’ve heard the crowd will call out your name to encourage you, every little helps and I need all I can get.

Running wise, I’m ready. It’s been a funny week this week, Physio on Monday meant I couldn’t get out till the Wednesday and with the wife ill, baby ill, I had to sort a last minute day off work to look after them both and my thanks? I got ill too!

I’ve managed two solid runs though, doesn’t sound like much but it’s been a big test for the injury – passing with flying colours. It’s all coming together just in time. With only one more full week of training I don’t want to overdo it now and will ease off and just keep it ticking over.

my daughter on her first swingsBy end of the week we had all got over our illnesses and celebrated my Auntie Eileen’s 60th on Saturday and with Sunday being our first Mother’s day we got out for a lovely day to Windmill Farm where we had a great family day, putting a fun end to a difficult week.

Week 14 Stats:

Mon: REST DAY – PHYSIO Tues: CYCLE 11.44M Weds: 7.58M – 1:03:05 avg pace 8:19 avg HR 155bpm Thur: CYCLE 11.44M – EASY SWIM Fri: REST DAY Sat: 14.89M – avg pace 8:41 avg HR 151bpm Sun: REST DAY

Week 14 – Total 22.47 miles

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