VLM Training Week 15

All the hard work has been done now and it’s time for all the effort I’ve put in over the last 6 months, the many hours spent pounding the streets of Widnes and Warrington to pay off. Sure, there has been ups and down, good days when I’ve  felt  like I was born to run and bad days when I’ve had to turn back after half a mile because it’s too icy, not to mention the ache and pains. As a whole though I have never ran so many miles and been so fit so I’m going into the London Marathon in great shape and high in confidence.

Nervous and anxious for sure but once I get across that start line and get into my stride I’ll settle into my game plan, soak up the atmosphere and maybe even enjoy it!

Rocky Balboa punching the airMy father in-law like many others have warned me about “the wall” at 20 miles so with any luck at the Help for heroes cheering point my wife and little Isabella along with my Mum & Dad and the In-laws will be there to roar me home and if that’s not enough I have the best of Rocky Balboa on the playlist for a sure lift.

No more talking, no more training – all that’s left to do is race.

Week 15 Stats:

Mon: 5.64M – 45:16 avg pace 8:01 avg HR 154bpm Tues: CYCLE – 10.84M Weds: REST DAY Thur: CYCLE – 10.73M Fri: 5M – avg pace 7:55 avg HR 157bpm Sat: REST DAY Sun: 11M in 1:36:03 ave pace 8:44 HR 152bpm

Week 15 – Total 21.64 miles

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3 Responses to VLM Training Week 15

  1. Mark says:

    Good luck next week Andy and if I ever take up pavement pounding I know who to come see for advice 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    Well where’s your write up of the event? it was your legs that did all the work not your fingers 🙂

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