So what next…?

After a couple of weeks living off BBQ’s and alcohol it’s time to knuckle down and train for my next event which is the Liverpool Triathlon on the 26th June giving me 8 weeks to train. Liverpool is an Olympic distance Triathlon consisting of a 1500 meter swim, 40Km Cycle and a 10K run. I did this event last year as my first step up to the Olympic distance and struggled on the run so I’m hoping with the miles I’ve been putting in I should go better this year.

Fitness wise I feel a lot fitter than this time last year it’s just a question of getting the speed up. Swimming is my weakest point as many Triathletes so it’s the one I can improve on the most. All of my training is done in the pool but over the next 8 weeks I hope to get in the open water at least 2 or 3 times hopefully more.

Cycling I guess is meant to be my strong point but I’m still very slow in comparison so my plan is to introduce intervals and hill rides each week as well as competing in local TT races every other week.

Running I really need to work on my 10K time especially off the bike. It’s again not going to be easy to fit all the training in and although I don’t need to be doing as many long rides/runs I now have 3 disciplines to train in, 4 if you include the transitions. I feel training for the Olympic you need to at least train in each discipline twice a week – I’m trying to aim for 3.

Training week is looking like this:

THURSDAY BIKE(work)/SWIM(lunch)/RUN(pm)
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