Liverpool Triathlon Training week 1

First official training week for the Liverpool Triathlon and it’s been a bit shock to the system working on speed rather than distance. It started great as Monday was a bank holiday and I managed to get out for a 1 hour speed work cycle followed by a 4 mile run.

Back to work on the Tuesday and the week proved to be quite difficult juggling the 3 disciplines and getting back into the weight training sessions and swimming. My Chest was a little sore after Tuesday’s weights then I had a swimming session Wednesday which didn’t help my recovery. It’s more of a case of getting the first few sessions out of the way with for me, clearing the cobwebs etc. then I’m set and general recovery turn round is quite good.

As you know Wednesday saw the first TT of the season and Thursday night once baby was down for the night I got out for my first 10K of the year with my Tri buddy Bennett. It was a good session running a negative split – running the 2nd half faster than the first.

Come the weekend I was shattered, Isabella has decided get up time is 6am – better black out blinds needed I think!! So I took the weekend to get some recovery time in as one thing I learnt from my marathon training was to not overdo it too soon. This meant some great family time and trips out to Liverpool docks and Acorn farm even though it was a little wet we still had a great time. I fear I’ve eaten and drank too much though so must to better on the diet next week!!

Week 1 Stats:

Mon: CYCLE15.13M@16.4mph AvgHR 142bpm RUN 3.98M @ 7:52 avgHR 160bpm


Weds: SWIM920M-10L x 4 BIKE16M RAINFORD 10TT 28:21@21.2mph AvgHR 176bpm

Thur: SWIM506M-10L x1 4L x 3 BIKE10.74M Work AvgHR 123bpm RUN6.2M – Negative split 48:24


Week 1 – Total SWIM 1426 Meters BIKE 41.87M RUN 10.18M

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