Kilton 8.75mile TT 11th May

Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned.

After a slow day in work feeling very lethargic it took me a while to get motivated and gee myself up for my first Kilton TT of the year.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of the early starts and even with the new blackout blinds up Isabella is still up pre 6am and now this week we can add teething to the cocktail of no sleep.

5 o’clock slowly came round and after scoffing leftovers from the wife’s pasta bake I was in the car on my way. Driving along the course I realised it had been almost a year since the last time I rode it and had almost forgot how bumpy it was. It’s a simple course in the fact that it’s to the roundabout and back but I certainly wouldn’t say it was flat. I was there early but it wasn’t long before other North Cheshire Clarion members turned and a bit of banter started.

Start at the kilton

Start line at the Kilton. Picture by Mark Rowe

Signed up by half 6 with my number 26 meaning a 7:56 start there was plenty of time to warm up managing a good 10 miles through the back roads and discovered the wind was getting stronger as the time went on. At the start line there was less nerves this week after last weeks’ time I was feeling confident I could smash my course PB.

Heading out to the roundabout it felt more like a headwind than a cross wind and I struggled to keep my average over 21mph. At the turn it was down to just 20.2mph and I had some making up to do on the leg back. Your hit with a climb over the motorway early on the way back and this is where it all started to go wrong. I thought the crank on my bike was playing up before realising my left cleat had become loose from my shoe, I was still clipped in but my foot had a lot more movement than it should of. I tried to keep the pace up and my average mph was on the rise until disaster struck, my front tyre was losing air still with over 3 miles to go.

I decided to keep going although not as fast as I would of liked, with around 2 miles to go I heard the sound of a screw from my cleat hitting the road and my foot was now very loose and was almost peddling with just one leg. The finish line didn’t come quick enough but I finally crossed it with just enough air in the tyre and with my Heart rate nowhere near where it should have been. To my surprise as they read out the results at the end I managed a 25:33 so 20.55mph which is better than any of my last year’s results and good enough for a Club standard with the North Cheshire Clarion so all in all I have to be happy with that considering and there is always next week.

Garmin Stats:

10.35miles – Warm up Avg 14.5mph Avg HR 124bpm

8.71miles – 25:40 Avg 20.4mph Avg HR 168bpm

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