Liverpool Triathlon Training week 2 and 3

Training hasn’t been going too well over the last few weeks; well I say that, it’s more to do with the lack of training. I’ve been finding it hard to stay motivated. Since October I’ve been training more hours than ever and it’s eating away at any spare time I have. I find it easy to train at lunch as it breaks up my working day and gets me away from my desk for an hour. Cycling to work now has become harder since my wife went back to work after maternity leave, I now do baby drop off and pick up 3 times a week leaving Mondays and Thursdays for the bike or run commute but sometimes I have other commitments that I need the car for. Come the weekend I want to be out on family days and visiting friends and family but this is my only chance to get a solid long session done. It’s so difficult to get the balance right; I don’t know how a lot of people do it.

Me and my daughter swimmingLast week I celebrated my 30th birthday so I took the opportunity to have some time away off and let my… hair down! It was just what I needed, I still hit the pool but this time with my daughter slashing away and it was great fun, I played golf for the first time in over a year shooting a 12 over – It never leaves you! I’ve also enjoyed good food and a few too many beers and wine and even a some champers. It was just what I needed to re-energise and come back stronger.

It’s now 5 weeks until the Liverpool Triathlon and I’m feeling fitter than ever posting faster times on the bike and during week 2 I ran my first sub 20 5K which I’m still buzzing from. I just need to transfer these times into the 25 mile TT and the 10K run and bring them altogether…easy!

The next big hurdle is we’ve just booked a week away in Cornwall for week 6 but managed to get an pool on site and also right on the ocean so will take the wetsuit and get plenty of swimming done.

Week 2 Stats:

Mon: CYCLE 11.17M @15.4mph Avg HR 131bpm RUN 2.89M – Fartlek – speed work


Weds: CYCLE  19.06M Kilton 8.75M 25.33


Fri: 3.35M – 5K timed @ 19.47 6:22m/m Sat: REST DAY Sun: REST DAY

Week 2 – Total SWIM 0 Meters BIKE 30.23M RUN 6.24M

Week 3 Stats:

Mon: GYM – WEIGHTS then time off and enjoyed myself!!

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