Liverpool Triathlon Training week 4

Busy. Busy, Busy!! We have a family holiday coming up next week and the amount of organisation and planning involved you’d swear we were emigrating!! We are in fact heading south to Cornwall for a break from the norm. It’ll be our first family holiday and mine and the wife’s first holiday since our honeymoon, Mexico 2008. Not quite the same but we’ll sure make the best of it and enjoy every minute. I can’t wait to see Isabella’s face when she feels sand for the first time, takes her first dip in the ocean, more milestones in her and our lives that grow more and more every day, can you believe she is almost one?

Training wise it’s a full week of swimming with 2 open water swims booked either side of the holiday plus plenty of swimming in the onsite pool and maybe in the ocean although I’ve heard about the passing basking sharks, generally harmless to humans but still, seeing a fin sticking out of the water and considering these are the second largest living fish I don’t fancy that much at all.

Week 4 as previous weeks I’ve struggled to fit my training in so same old story. I run a small photography business and have been pushing on with that for the last few weeks designing and creating a new website, making contacts and drumming up business. I’ve been doing a couple of unpaid jobs but it’s all helping towards my portfolio and heading in the right direction. I was working on my Sports Photography on Wednesday night at the Seamons CC Championship 10 mile TT which I loved, great way to combine my hobbies and beats working for a living! Seeing these guys flying past one by one trying to catch them in my viewfinder really impresses me and motivates me to improve and become faster. The picture’s below are of Joe Lockett, the fastest junior on the night clocking a time of 24:29 averaging 24.51mph and below that the champion Charles Carraz with a 22:16 time which in average speed 26.95mph. I really look up to these guys, Charles for his speed and desire to win and Joe for the times he’s achieving at this age. When I was a junior I was into football and golf and never really that good although I did qualify for the PGA Junior Championships. Riding my bike was just a way to getting to places and I never knew things like TT’s or Triathlons existed. But like most things in life there is no point dwelling on the past and it’s just good I’ve found this passion now at the relatively young age of 30!


CharlesCharaz_WinnerWeek 4 Stats:


Tues: RUN 3.91M @ 7:27 m/m  avgHR 163bpm

Weds: CYCLE  12.41M Kilton 8.75M 25.41

Thur: CYCLE 5.81M @16.9mph AvgHR 127bpm SWIM 920M – 4L x 10

Fri: GYM – WEIGHTS CYCLE 5.24M @13.9mph AvgHR 127bpm

Sat CYCLE  20.49M @ 17.4mph  RUN 6.2M FARTLEK 8:17 avgHR 158bpm


Week 4 – Total SWIM 920 Meters BIKE 54.06M RUN 10.11M

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