Liverpool Triathlon Training week 5 and 6

Only a little bit of training to report either side of a great family break in Cornwall. I think it was much needed rest with just a few swim sessions while away so mainly just having fun and spending time with the wife and little one. She’s such a character now and learning new things all the time and it was great to see her development in just one week instead of being stuck at work or out training.

queens_dockMy plans where for a more intensive swimming week but it just didn’t happen. It started with the first open water swim of the year in the River Mersey – nice! Actually it’s not too bad, it’s in the Queens dock which is the probably the cleanest part of the docks, it still doesn’t taste too good and its bloody cold.

My first session didn’t go too good, I felt tired after 1 lap of 400 meters and only completed 3 laps and I’d had enough. It was a wakeup call and I was so glad I had booked another session for the week after. One thing I worked on in my first session was sighting and swimming in a straight line, believes me it’s more difficult than it sounds so at least I came away with some positives from the swim. I also thought I might of be trying to go too fast as I find it difficult to judge my speed, effort and efficiency in the open water as every time my head pops up to take a breath it looks like I haven’t moved which makes me increase the effort and lose efficiency.

start of an open water swimMy Second session was far better and even colder! I did timed laps to try and get my effort levels sorted out so lap one I swam like I did in session one and got a lap time of around 7:30mins. Lap 2 I reduced the effort while concentrating on technique and was within 30 secs of my lap one time and didn’t feel half as tired. By laps 3 and 4 I had found a consistent rhythm and I’m now feeling more confident in the open water. My aim for the 1500 meters is sub 30 mins so I was happy with my lap times suggesting I could achieve my target.

Liverpool Triathlon is now only 2 weeks away this week I’ll have to knuckle down and get some key sessions done to work off all the Cornish pasties and Cream teas!!

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