Rainford 10 TT – June 22nd and 29th

bug an a TT bikeI’ve definitely caught the TT bug and the last couple of weeks have seen some great improvements for me over the classic D10/1 Rainford 10 mile TT course. After my disappointment at my puncture at 9 miles a few weeks back I was determined to go back the week after and see if the average 22.4mph I’d managed to hold up until that point was a fluke or not.

Wednesday 22nd June I headed over to Rainford for round 11 of the 2011 season. As the sole representative on the night for North Cheshire I was fired up and managed to get a nice early start time at number 3. As I was getting ready I met a guy from Manchester Tri who was doing the course for the first time so feeling like a regular I talked him through it and rode with him down to the start line. I went my separate way for a warm up as his nice bike and Zipp wheels suggested I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

At the start line I wished him luck and as he was number 4 I asked him not to pass me too soon but he did, less than 2 miles in… zoom into the wind he was passed me and gone. I just got my head down and concentrated on what I needed to do. I approached mile nine having flashbacks and turned into the wind, I felt I was on for a good time but struggled to keep the speed up into the wind, I just kept pushing and crossed the line in 27:04 averaging 22.2mph.

Back at the car packing up I asked my new buddy how he got on to which he replied “not bad”. It was a different story when the results where read out and he had the fastest time of the evening at 22:49. Turns out after talking Triathlon with him he does the Olympic distance in Sub 2 hours!! Has won a half Ironman event and is currently training for Ironman UK.

Wednesday 29th June I wasn’t sure whether I had recovered from Liverpool Triathlon or not but the wife was having a friend over for a catch up so I took the free opportunity to have a go anyway. After recent results I’d set my next target at averaging over 22.5mph. Another early start at number 2 this week and was feeling good after an 8-9 mile warm up with NCC member and work colleague Gary. It was tough this week; the wind was strong with twice as strong gusts, great when it’s behind you but the last 3 mile was in your face and my legs where feeling it and in the last mile I had nothing left and even crossed the line shouting out the wrong number. I shouted my last week’s number 3 instead of 2. I cycled back to advise the Time keepers of my mistake and they made they made a few calculations and told me my time 26:34, another 30 seconds off my PB averaging 22.6mph. No wonder I felt ill!

The night soon turned sour though as we returned to our cars to find 6 or 7 of them had been broken into and bags, wallets, phones were missing. Luckily I was missed out but Gary was not so fortunate having 2 windows smashed and his bag stolen with Keys, credit/bank cards gone too. That sick feeling soon came back for different reasons, how can one human being do that to another?

Garmin Stats:

22nd JUNE – 10.07mile 27:09 avg 22.2mph avg HR 168bpm max HR 175bpm

29th JUNE – 10.05mile 26:35 avg 22.7mph avg HR 167bpm max HR 176bpm

So in 8 weeks I’ve knocked off 1 min 46 seconds and there’s still another 10 weeks of the season to go. Next goal is to break into the avg 23mph and then I might treat myself to a TT bike – shhh don’t tell the wife.

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