Liverpool Marathon Training

me running Blackpool halfWell the trainers are back out – took me a while to find them having not run now since Liverpool Triathlon 5 week ago and man did I feel it after my first session back!

Liverpool Marathon is now only 11 weeks away so not the ideal amount of time to prepare but after my London Marathon training experience I felt I hit my peak at 10 weeks and then after that things started to go wrong. Maybe I’m saying that as a way of making myself feel better and forgiving myself for not running over the last 5 week. It’s a kind of excuse but I’m sticking to it.

I’ve spent the last week coming up with a training plan based on lessons learnt last time out and sessions I really enjoyed doing which surprisingly where hills and fartlek. For London I followed the Runners World plan but my body couldn’t take the miles 6 days a week not to mention finding the time. This time I’ve opted for 4 days a week with a good mix of sessions and not too much too soon all working towards hitting my peak come race day.

I’m hoping over the first couple of weeks I can find my running legs again after concentrating on my Cycling Time Trials. I was putting in some great improvements in the build up to Warrington R.C 25 mile TT but unfortunately I had to back out last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. My attention is now fully back on running with the main aim of making up for my bad London Marathon run as I know I can do much better. Also coming up is the English Half marathon which is my local Warrington half that I missed out on last year so looking forward to that hoping for a sub 1:40 if the training goes well.

I best hit that tarmac then!

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One Response to Liverpool Marathon Training

  1. morrybo says:

    Hi 🙂 ! , loving the blog! I’ve just started running, with my own plan, it’s hard to know whats best.

    I’ve challenged myself to run the Dublin Half Marathon with 12 weeks training..its tough but im getting there :)..

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