Finding my Running legs again…

group of legs running I’ve just been looking over my training spread sheet that I keep and it’s been 17 weeks since the London Marathon. During this time my training has all been geared towards short distance and speed and now I’m trying to tell my body – mostly the legs that I want to go long again and they have not been happy about it for the last 2 weeks.

The first few runs although only short 3-4mile and slow pace seemed to be no problem when running but the next day my thighs where screaming at me and my whole body felt stiff. I guess I’d got too used to riding the bike and with running the impact on the tarmac was a shock to the system.

The weekend soon came round and I wasn’t looking for to a longer run. I hadn’t run over 6.2 miles throughout the last 17 weeks and my aim was to get out and run 6-8 miles. As soon as I set out the heavens opened and I got soaked in a down pour. I must admit I prefer to run in the rain – I always loved playing Sunday league football in the rain so I guess it must take me back to my glory days!

After 5 miles I felt ok so I opted for the longer route, the problem was there was no turning back and after 6 miles I didn’t feel so good anymore. My fitness was there but the legs weren’t interested, there was no rhythm, my form was all out so my shoulders and back started to hurt and if I had any money on me I would have got the bus home. I pushed on and after 7.62 miles I got home feeling deflated and sore and I’ve only got 10 weeks to turn this around!

The next week I was off work for a family week with a few trips planned and DIY products to take on. I always struggle to train when I’m off work, sounds daft because I have so much more time available but I think it’s down to Routine. When I’m in work I fit my training in at lunch which gladly gets me away from my desk or I use it as a way of getting to and from work. At home I’m with my family spending precious time with my 1 year old and can never work out the best time to go out.

I did manage to get out for a couple of runs in the week whilst Isabella was having her afternoon snooze but that meant sacrificing my down time when you can put your feet up and have a cup of tea and stop talking in baby language and crawling around on the floor – when did I get so old?

Sunday’s long run was approaching and I was feeling much better with how the shorter runs had gone but with an 8-10 mile run down on paper I still wasn’t exactly excited about it. With Isabella down for her sleep I got myself out there before I could change my mind and I’m so glad I did. I felt good, not great but heading in the right direction. I started to fatigue at about 7 miles but that was on a hill after 4 miles into a headwind so getting home after 9.32 miles I was feeling much more positive about the upcoming weeks and maybe I’m starting to find my running legs again.

Week 1 Stats:

Mon: 3M –27:19 Avg Spd 9:07m/m – 1M@10kmh – 1M@11.5kmh – 1M@10kmh

Weds: 4M – 32:04 Avg Spd 8:02m/m Avg HR – 151bpm

Fri: 3M – 24:10 Avg Spd 8:03m/m Avg HR – 147bpm 0.5M Intervals.

Sun: 7.62M – Slow outdoor – 1:08:20 Avg Spd 8:58m/m Avg HR – 149bpm

Week 1 – Total 17.62M

Week 2 Stats:

Tue: 4M – 35:23 Avg Sdp 8:51min/mile Ave HR – 142bpm

Thurs: 3.82M – 31:43 Avg Spd 8:18m/m Avg HR – 152bpm

Sun: 9.32M – 1:21:24 Avg Spd 8:44m/m Avg HR – 151bpm

Week 2 – Total 17.14M

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