6 weeks until Liverpool Marathon – PANIC!!

Man flu survival kitDoubt has entered my mind as I write this from my sick bed. I’ve been ill this weekend so again not been able to get out for my long run and I’m falling behind on my training. In the last 3 weeks my longest run has only been 8 miles and only averaging 15mile per week – way behind on my targets leaving me lacking in motivation and confidence.

One reason is August has been a very busy month for me. My small photography business has had its most successful month on record with 2 weddings and 2 portraits and with a full time job Monday to Friday my weekends have been focused elsewhere leaving my training bottom of the priority pile.

Another is I’ve just not been feeling good. Training for London did not go to plan but I was enjoying getting out and feeling good on my long runs, seeing improvement week on week busting my confidence and even with injuries holding me back I felt I was ready come race day. For Liverpool it’s the complete opposite, I’m not looking forward to the long runs and when I do talk myself in to getting out its hard work and my heads not in it so I’ll look for excuses to stop and stretch or cut the run short.

It can go either way from here, I can continue to feel sorry for myself or I can snap out of it and rediscover my enjoyment and competitive edge and get training. This week could be the turning point if I can shift this “man flu” and get out for a few decent runs. Next week is Warrington half marathon and will be a true test to find out where I’m at. I certainly won’t be looking for a PB but hope to run a steady race and get that buzz back that you get from these events and drive on the Liverpool then.

Let’s see if I can turn this around…

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