26.2 mile run on Sunday anyone?

Marathon Announcement bannerI must admit when I signed up for the Liverpool marathon back in January and with the year I had planned I thought I’d be ready to smash it. Now in the final week before the event and facing reality it’s just a case of getting round the 26.2 miles.

Honestly, I’m not ready to run 26.2 the way I want to and in the time I want but that could be a good thing. I’m constantly obsessed with times and pace and thinking I’m not quick enough and being disappointed with my results. This Sunday I’m just going to run nice and steady, even slowly avoiding going off to quickly and hitting the wall later on. Maybe even enjoy it!

Training hasn’t gone to plan due to lack of Motivation and other excuses but at the end of 12 months of training this is my 15th Event of the year including 4 half Marathons and 2 Marathons so I think I’ll put the running shoes away for the winter and return to my deserted bike.

Wish me luck – I’ll need it.

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