Liverpool Marathon

This should be the post I tell you all about the event organisation and how the run went -It’ll be a short post then… I backed out in the final few days. The sensible side of me took over and I talked myself out of it due to lack of training plus hearing that my self-build conservatory was to be delivered the same week and with limited holidays off work left I thought my time was better spent building that instead of not being able to walk all week!

I’m gutted I didn’t take part in what sounds like a great successful day but I only have myself to blame. I didn’t train hard or long enough and my heart just wasn’t in it. A friend of mine said a Marathon is not something you can just do half-hearted and he’s completely right, it takes months of commitment and structured training which I completely lacked.

Training for London I had the motivation of my first marathon and every long run was a first which boosted confidence. For Liverpool the long training run became dreaded and boring and after being at work all week I wanted to spend time with my family instead of breaking up a Sunday with a 3 hour run then being good for nothing after it.

Recently I’ve found motivation and desire in other projects like my conservatory build and found my spare time was needed away from training for events to give something back to my wife and Isabella for supporting me for the last year and working the mornings, evenings and weekends around my training needs.

I think the best thing for me now and until next year is to have a free diary and not commit to any events, get back on my bike and in the gym and get back to training because I want to and not because I have to.

I think one Marathon a year is one too many…

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2 Responses to Liverpool Marathon

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Andy,

    Have you got anything planned for the new year?
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Have been running here back in NZ but not enough to
    do the long runs. Say gidday to Gaz and John.

    • Andy Meade says:

      Hey Greg, keep up the running and you never know! I’d do Auckland Marathon with you…
      Do you still get out on the bike too? I’ll get an update on my blog with my plans for 2012, I’ve
      just been taking some time off with the family and building a conservatory!!

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